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Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is Colorado's largest independent Sleep Testing Company. We have 8 Sleep Labs or Centers and also offer In Home Sleep Studies. We deliver the in home units for those living between Longmont and Colorado Springs and can mail them anywhere else in the state. And don't worry, we pay for the postage both ways.

Better Results

Many sleep companies rely on computer algorithms to score or evaluate sleep studies. Mountain Sleep Diagnostics has registered sleep technicians look at and evaluate each sleep study by hand. While this may seem counterintuitive because it takes much longer to do, it allows results to show sleep events that computers often miss. This provides our Board Certified Sleep Doctors more information when interpreting the results and offering recommendations. In short, it's a better test.

Faster Service

While the turnaround time for a sleep study can vary based on insurance authorization times and other factors, most of our patients are tested within a matter of days/weeks and not months. Results of the study are sent back to your ordering provider within 10 business days. 

Lower Costs

Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is independent from any hospital. This means we do not charge any extra facility or hospital fees to you or your insurance company. This may not sound like much, but it can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Most hospital based Sleep Studies cost $2,000-$8,000 and that oftentimes does not include the interpretation from the Sleep Doctor. And don't be fooled, even the In Home tests can cost more if performed by a hospital based sleep center. At Mountain Sleep Diagnostics, our In Lab studies typically range from $750-$1,500 and the In Home tests are typically about half that cost. This does not mean that is your out of pocked cost, but is the average contracted rates with your insurance company. Before we schedule you for your study, we will give you an estimate of your out of pocket costs, so there are no surprises. And as with any test, you can contact your insurance company as well to get a quote. If your insurance company is not contracted with Mountain Sleep Diagnostics, you can also check under our parent company Professional Sleep Services. 

In-Network Insurance Billing

We only bill your insurance company using In-Network benefits. We will never bill Out-of-Network benefits. If we are not In-Network with your insurance company, we will gladly forward the order to a facility that is In-Network. Many of our competitors will bill Out-of-Network, which typically costs you more money and then offer a cash option as an alternative. In both cases, you are not using your insurance how it was intended and are paying too much. If you have a high deductible, no insurance at all, or your out of pocket cost is too high somewhere else, we'd be happy to quote you a cash price that is the best in the state. Just make sure when you get a quote somewhere else that it includes the cost of the study, interpretation, facility fees, delivery fees and any other extras. Our costs are all inclusive, so you can make a fair and complete comparison. 

Altitude Compensation

Are you worried that because you live at 8,500 feet in elevation your results at a sleep lab in Denver may be inaccurate? You should be! You should also be aware that an In Home study at 8,500 feet may not be the right type of study for all patients, especially for those with symptoms of Central Sleep Apnea. At Mountain Sleep Diagnostics you can be tested in one of two Altitude Sleep Rooms that can have the oxygen levels adjusted to match those of your home elevation. We have one in our Littleton Sleep Center and another in Glenwood Springs. And best of all, this test does not cost anymore than a regular In Lab sleep study.


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