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Our staff at Mountain Sleep has decades of combined experience in Sleep Medicine. Feel free to ask us anything you may not understand or are concerned about.



What can I bring to my sleep study?


You are welcome to bring items that will make you more comfortable, such as your pillow, pajamas, reading materials, etc. All of our rooms have flat screen TVs with Netflix for you to enjoy. You may not bring pets nor your significant other to sleep with. Sorry, but it's only one night.

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What about my sleep medications?


If you normally take sleep medications, you should plan on taking your medications the night of your study. If you are coming into one of our Sleep Centers, you should not take your sleep medications until AFTER you are in bed at our Sleep Center.

What time will I be done?


Sleep studies at our Sleep Centers typically end around 5:30-6:00 AM. 

Can I use the bathroom during the study?


Yes! That is absolutely not a problem, regardless if you are performing a sleep test at home or at one of our Sleep Centers. If you are at one of our Sleep Centers, the technician can easily disconnect you from the recording equipment without having to remove the sensors. Some of our patients have to get up several times during the night and that will not be a problem.

Do you perform studies on the weekends?


Yes we do. Our Sleep Centers are available during the week and on weekends. We may not have openings every weekend, but if you would like to be tested on Saturday or Sunday just let us know. In Home Sleep Studies are also available on weekends. When scheduling, request the unit to be delivered on Friday and you can perform the test over the weekend. 

Do you sell CPAP supplies?


We do not currently sell CPAP or Oxygen supplies. We can refer you to a company who can supply you with your equipment if you would like us to. Just give us a call or send us an email.

What if my CPAP mask doesn't fit?


First off, don't give up. A mask that fits properly is vitally important to your health and the success of your treatment. There are dozens of types of masks and several sizes within each type. Most companies who provide the masks can also perform a mask fitting for you to determine the proper type and size. Contact them as soon as you notice any problem. Many insurance companies offer a free one-time exchange within the first 30 days, so act quickly. Contact the company that provided your mask for more details.

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