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Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is the largest independent sleep company in Colorado.


Mountain Sleep Diagnostics started in 2011 with one Sleep Center located in Denver, Colorado. A small team of 3 set out to make testing for sleep apnea in Colorado better, easier, faster and less expensive for patients. 

Since then, Mountain Sleep Diagnostics has expanded to 8 Sleep Centers throughout the state. Growth has come, in part, through the feedback given by patients and referring providers. When a suggestion was made, or a problem arose, Mountain Sleep Diagnostics was able to make quick corrections or add new procedures that allowed them to see patients faster, and make things more simple for an ordering provider.  

Teaming up with the finest sleep sleep doctors in Colorado has allowed Mountain Sleep Diagnostics to provide that same quality of sleep testing found in the finest hospitals in the state. 


Because Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is an independent testing facility and not associated with any hospital, the cost of a sleep study is far less than one performed by a hospital. This not only saves many patients hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it helps reduce healthcare costs as a whole. 


Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is an ACHC accredited Sleep Lab, which means they have to go through a rigorous accreditation process each year confirming they conform to industry and federal regulations and standards. This accreditation allows them to test patients with federal health insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE.

All that, and they are not done growing. Do you have the need of a great sleep company in your town? Give them a call!


Mountain Sleep Diagnostics is now conducting Sleep Studies at Aspen Valley Hospital, in Aspen, CO.
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